Setting : This will take place in our current world that we live in, except in our world we have super heroes, they have lead our armies to battle and saved us from super villains many times. They are all well known, although many keep their identities secret. You happen to be one, although you are rather new to the crime fighting thing, you have discovered that you have powers or abilities that are well above the average Joe.

Plot : The world has been taken over by villains. In a joint effort and some sort of mysterious backing and knowledge they came and killed or imprisoned almost all the current super heroes there are. You made it under the radar because you are either have not fully grasped your abilities or were deemed inconsequential. It is February 23rd and you are for whatever reason in Minnesota, it has been 5 days since the start of the invasion and it is well over and the good guys lost. Are you strong enough to take it back?

Take it Back